Partibridges is an Erasmus+ funded project working with teams from the UK, France, Turkey and Portugal. The project aims to develop closer cooperation between higher education, youth workers and young people.

Partibridges is an initiative led by four Universities, together with youth organisations in four cities: Rennes (France), Eskisehir (Turkey), Lisbon (Portugal) and Manchester (UK). In the UK YFNW worked with Manchester Metropolitan University.

The participants are staff and volunteer students from the Universities, youth workers and young volunteers representing the organisations. The projects had two main outputs:

The expected impact of Partibridges is at different levels:

– to develop the training offer for students and professionals
– to develop skills to support participation processes
– to strengthen cooperation between formal and non-formal education
– to develop collaborative approach as a tool to support participation of young people

The project methodology had to alter profoundly with the various restrictions imposed as a result of the Covid pandemic. The PAR was carried out with staff and young people from Bury and Rochdale Youth Cabinets. Their flexibility and resilience has been amazing.


“I have just popped into the meeting because I want see what is happening with the Partibridges project”

Young Person, Rochdale.