Co-op Youth Advisory Group

Cooperative Foundation Youth Advisory Group

The Cooperative Foundation Youth Advisory group, known as the YAG is a group of young people from across the North West who come together to help the Co-op Foundation make decisions about distributing their funding.

The group receives training on decision making, unconscious bias and communications skills to help them in their roles as YAG members. The group visits youth projects who’ve been funding by the Co-op foundation, participate in consultations around designing funding streams and much more.

I'll start from the beginning, a lovely youth worker who is amazing rang me up to ask me to be involved in this project. It started with a call, I was extremely interested...I was the first young person in fact I was the founding member of the group and sat on the first funding panel.

After this we found some more amazing yp from across the UK to join the project. Since we started we've helped the Co-op foundations website be more accessible, we've funded some bereavement projects, we went to see local youth projects and we've worked with amazing projects who've wanted our opinions, we've also supported a match funding project called Spacehive.

The Co-Op Foundation project has helped me get a paid job within the Co-op young members group, which has made me proud of myself because I feel valued and this makes me believe I can do anything in life.

Tommy - YAG Member

More about YAG here.

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