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Trish Cartner (She/Her)

Youth Voice Lead

As a working class young person, growing up in Rochdale, I often found that although there were plenty of youth projects, these were often short term, target driven and didn't have young people at the centre of their planning & delivery.

This was something I became passionate about changing, volunteering and working with youth centred organisations where the focus was on co-production, youth voice, accessibility for all young people and most importantly trust in young people to create something relevant and authentic for the wider community.

Throughout my youth work journey, I have had the privilege of working on a wide variety of programmes, working closely with young people to explore the themes that matter to them the most.

Whether I’m working with a group of young people to develop resources, or working with individuals to plan campaign ideas, my mission remains the same - to ensure that all young people's voices are not only heard, but are also valued and help to inform and shape decisions that effect their lives.

I’m particularly passionate about ensuring all young people have access to services and information that allow them to make informed decisions around their sexual health and wellbeing & I regularly advocate for this through my organisation, The Crimson Wave.