YCA vision news


Today, in partnership with the Greater Manchester Youth Combined Authority (YCA), we are proud to share the YCA’s vision for the future.

YCA members, made up of 21 youth organisations across Greater Manchester, have created this vision by gathering data from a wealth of consultations and engagement exercises undertaken over the last three years and is reflective of how young people feel.

“To the best of our knowledge this is the first time young people have been asked to come together and create such a plan and it is with gratitude and thanks to Andy Burnham and the Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) for engaging the young people in Greater Manchester not just as citizens in waiting, but citizens today actively working together to co-create a community that represents us all.” Layan, Communications Lead for the YCA Leadership Team (2020-2022)

Liam, 2020-2022 YCA Chair, added:

We will continue to contribute to this vision by ensuring that young people's voices are listened to, heard and acted upon.

Our hope is that our people across Greater Manchester are valued no less than our economy.”

Alongside this announcement, we at Youth Focus North West are also extremely pleased to be selected as the facilitating organisation for the YCA for the third year running.

Since its inception, we have been able to work alongside young people and the GMCA to strengthen young people's voice. The new commission gives us the chance to build on the YCA’s vision of making Greater Manchester the best place to grow up and grow old.

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Download the report here.

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