NWNZ 2023

Youth Network to host second Net Zero Youth Conference

We are excited to be supporting the NWNZ Young Leaders from across the Northwest to organise and deliver the Northwest Net Zero Youth Conference on Saturday 25th November 2023 at Salford University.

The event is aiming to bring together 100 young people aged 13-19 from across the Northwest to share their thoughts and ideas about a range of climate and net zero topics including Energy, Transport, Green Jobs and Economy and Green Spaces.

The day will be filled with youth-led activities designed by and for young people. All thoughts and views will be collected throughout the day and collated by the Youth Steering Group into a report that is shared with local leaders and policy leads.

We ask that young people are accompanied on the day by a youth worker/leader/trusted adult.

To Register

We need to gather information about access needs, dietary requirements, and allergies prior to the event. There is the option for a Youth Worker/Group Lead to register a group of people in one go or for individual young people to register their details.

Follow the link to Book now